Sunday, November 6, 2016

Like She Said, "Prince Charming isn't coming to save you..." , pay your bills, dictate where you live, work or play!

Check her out!

Often called a confidence-building classic, this book has inspired millions to take charge of their finances and increase their net worth.
Working as a journalist, Stanny started interviewing financially savvy women to help her figure out how to manage money after divorce.
The result—a heartfelt and informative read full of inspiring anecdotes, surprising realizations, emotional insights, eye-opening exercises, practical advice, and very clear steps to help you achieve financial mastery“Penned in catchy, clear prose,” wrote one critic, “[this book] is guaranteed to give the greenest novice much of the monetary know-how she needs.”
This is probably the first financial book to deal with the Inner as well as the Outer Work of Wealth. As another reviewer explained: “this book is the next best thing to having one’s own financial coach.”

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sher Genius: Welcome 2016

Welcome to 2016.  There have been many conflicting predictions for what lies ahead for 2016.  Many financial pundits believe this will be the worst financial year in decades. Others see unemployment at an all time low and the economy on the rebound. 

Now's the time to take stock as we set out to take on our goals for 2016. When asked what are the keys to success, the answer usually is preparation, preparation, preparation.  How are you getting prepared? 

Please consider these thoughts from Barbara Sher, Life Coach, in the attached link. Aside from my mother and God, she has served as a real inspiration in the things that I endeavor to accomplish.

Happy New Year!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Prosperity Is Yours

Think Prosperity not Scarcity as We Enter this Holiday Season. Please take some time to look back at some of my older blog posts. Please keep an eye out for my forthcoming end of year blog that will be inspired once again by Robert Kioyosaki who has teamed up with Garrett Gunderson, author of the 2008 Best Seller Killing Sacred Cows, in his live podcasts and training programs. What's your dream? What are you doing to achieve it?